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 Yasmin is a Photographer residing in Waco,Texas. Through a fine art photography background with a focus on product imagery and storytelling, her photography reflects the intimate fondness we have for the places we visit, the souvenirs we accumulate, and the people we meet along the way - it’s why her camera stays draped over her shoulder, from estate sales to road trips and everything in between. 

Her craft as a Photographer spanning over a decade allows her to use her strengths: creativity, a little bit of humor, and genuine care for detail, to cultivate joy and bring out the beauty in each photo. Everyday, she leans into the childlike-wonder of photography, refusing to say ‘no’ to getting a little dirty to snag that perfect image.

Professionally, she takes pride in her work and strives to exceed expectations for brands and clients. To her, the work she does isn’t solely about capturing an aesthetic but telling a story that is representative of what the brand or client stands for.

For commissions and inquiries - hello@yasminmurphy.com

Instagram - @yasmingmurphy

Photo by - Ashlyn Kittrell

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