a visual journal

for ten years i've I have called myself a photographer. over the years i have collected images from moments of travel, walking my neighborhood, portraits of family and friends, dishes i've made, and things that inspire me. when i look back on these photos i remember how a place, a time or a person can really bring you back to the feelings you had on that very day.

like a journal  these images are the more raw versions of the work I create for my portfolio. these are the moments behind the scenes. it brings me great happiness and fondness to look back on these images. i've seen my skills as an artist grow and i've seen how the sentiments that explain my work remain the same; light, uplifting others, noticing the mundane moments of life and telling stories.

i've come a long way from when I first starting sharing photos. my hope is that when others view my work they can appreciate and feel encouraged by what they see.  as the saying goes stop and smell the roses i have used this quote of how I approach making art. the times i've stopped and taken that photo have made me grateful. i hope you enjoy these moments throughout the years of my photography journey.



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